Support the We the People Act, and we just might get to find out.

Recent Supreme Court rulings mean that today our government today is controlled by powerful special interests, including global corporations and the very wealthy, instead of all the people.

We support a constitutional amendment to reaffirm that civil rights protected by our Constitutionare the rights of individual human beings only, and that money spent to influence elections is not protected free speech.

Because of Supreme Court decisions such as "Citizens United" and related decisions, our government is ceasing to be a nation governed of, by, and for the people.

We must take it back.

Welcome to the website of We the People Massachusetts, a non-partisan, all-volunteer network of citizens dedicated to the cause of democracy.  

We've been active nationally in developing educational materials like the Fixing our Broken Democracy workshop and organizing ballot initiatives in 2012 and 2014.

Here in Massachusetts, we partnered with other organizations to promote passage of the We the People Act, which narrowly missed being voted out of committee for consideration by the entire House. We plan to submit a similar bill during the next legislative session.

The 2015-16 We the People Act (H.3127) did two things:

  • First, it called on Congress to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution asserting that
    1. the rights protected by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons, i.e. human individuals, only and
    2. Congress and the states shall place limits on political contributions and expenditures to ensure that all citizens have access to the political process, and the spending of money to influence elections is not protected free speech under the First Amendment
  • Second, if Congress failed to propose such an amendment within six months, the We the People Act put Massachusetts on record calling for a convention of the states for the purpose of proposing the amendment.